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One of the most overlooked aspects of your total health as you continue to grow older is your hearing health. Many people are surprised when they find how interconnected their overall health is to their hearing. While poor hearing can lead to many negative health problems, keeping a focus on your hearing health throughout your life can lead to several health benefits that are otherwise missed out upon.

1. There is a much lower risk that you will be involved in a falling accident. If you have proper hearing and inner ear health, you will be able to keep your balance much easier while going up and down the stairs. Severe auditory trauma can often lead to damage to your overall sense of equilibrium, which can result in a fall.

2. Keeping your overall safety level above average. Think about this: if you do not have optimal hearing, how will you be able to distinguish random loud noise from emergency sirens? Not only does this put you in danger, but it can even affect those around you or in your care.

3. Proper hearing will allow you to keep all of your social activities in check. After all, it is difficult to have a good time if you cannot hear music, conversation, or the movie that everyone else is watching. Even when people have suffered from hearing damage, their social lives have rapidly improved upon getting a hearing aid, keeping them young at heart.

4. Better job opportunities than ever before. Employers want someone who is attentive and able to hear orders the first time around. You need to be able to hear the world around you to be the best worker possible.

5. An easier time in school. More older people are going back to college than ever before, and it certainly helps if you are able to take instructions in the back of those large lecture halls.

6. Having a high level of confidence. If you are a senior who is able to participate in conversations and social functions with confidence because of your great hearing, people will notice and you can become the center of attention. Otherwise, you risk social isolation and withdrawal according to recent studies.

7. A lower risk of dementia. Studies from Johns Hopkins have confirmed that there is a positive correlation between people who suffer from hearing loss and those who have dementia.

8. Fewer hospitalizations per year. One of the largest contributing factors for people who were hospital bound over the age of 55 was that they were not able to hear the danger around them; whether it be a dog at their feet or a car backing out.

9. High levels of blood flow to the ear structures. By pumping blood into the ear canal and supporting structures due to healthy levels of hearing, you can prevent more damage from occurring within the ear.

10. Better interactions throughout the day. It is better to be able to have healthy social interactions with store clerks and people who are trying to serve you than to ask them to repeat themselves over and over. Both you and they will be happier and more open if you have good hearing.