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It may surprise you, but the everyday habits you engage in, such as listening to loud music and even smoking, pose a threat to your hearing. Studies have shown that your body’s health is connected very closely with the health of your hearing. That means you may have to re-evaluate what habits you’re doing that could be damaging your ears. Usually, there’s a simple fix. Here we take a look at your bad habits that could have an adverse effect on your health. Be aware of these habits and learn what you can do to improve your hearing. The goal is to lessen your risk and exposure to hearing damage.

Sedentary Lifestyle

First off, leading a sedentary lifestyle in which you eat junk foods and fail to exercise every day can contribute to hearing loss. Obesity, a concerning epidemic in this country, has very serious health risks, not the least of which is diabetes. This disease is known for its ability to cause poor circulation in the body, putting you at a heightened risk for hearing loss. One way to combat this is to develop a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


Your ears are suffering, too, when you smoke. It’s not just your lungs that can be affected by tobacco use. In fact, this bad habit definitely poses a very real threat to your hearing. Why? The chemicals in the cigarettes you use damage the vibration sensors in your ears, which makes it more difficult for your ears to pick up on small amounts of sounds.

Loud Noises

You’ve probably felt the ear-splitting effects of standing close to a speaker at a concert, right? Well, those loud noises can certainly contribute to long-term and temporary hearing loss. Steer clear of the sound systems at concerts to avoid this exposure to hearing damage. However, even something as simple as cranking the volume on the TV or your video game system can lead to hearing loss. All the power put out by these extremely loud noises can bring about significant temporary and long-term hearing loss.

Forgetting the Doctor Visits

When it comes to preventive maintenance, regular doctor visits are imperative. Don’t just go when you feel something is wrong, although this is a good reason to hit the doctors. However, you should go yearly to get your hearing tested for any underlying problems. Early detection is the key if you want to successfully treat or even reverse hearing damage. Your doctor is trained to evaluate you for any hearing losses that may have occurred since your last visit and suggest ways in which you can increase your healthy lifestyle and cut down on your hearing damage risk.

Listening to an MP3 Player

Perhaps the most damaging is blasting music through ear buds via your MP3 player, because the sound is so close to the nerves in your ear. You may enjoy turning on the latest tunes full blast to drown out background noise, but you’re doing a lot of damage, causing significant hearing damage over time. This is because you are directing lots of sound right at your inner ear where it cannot diffuse in the right way, subsequently leading to a loss in hearing.