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As a brand new hearing aid owner, you may be interested in the many accessories and add-ons that exist. In this article we provide an overview of common hearing aid accessories that you might want to consider. No matter which type or brand of hearing aid you have, the following accessories, are fairly common.

First of all, stock up on batteries. These aren’t exactly an accessory, but take any opportunity you can to buy them in bulk or at a discount since you will need them. Disposable batteries used in hearing aids tend to last, depending on how many hours you wear them, for 5 to 14 days.

A dehumidifier is optional, but a very good idea. The electronics in hearing aids are very susceptible to damage from moisture. You place the aids into the dehumidifier at night, when you’re not wearing them. Cleaning kits are available to keep the exterior of your hearing aids clean. Ear wax filters help keep wax from accumulating on the aids when you are wearing them.

There are various Bluetooth extensions for specific hearing aids that will extend their capabilities. Many digital hearing aids support the Bluetooth wireless connection standard, which means that they can be configured to stream sound directly from many mobile phones, audio players such as iPods, and televisions. With a Bluetooth connection to these devices, you don’t need to turn the volume up at the source to enjoy it.

An alternative for people with analog hearing aids is using an FM system to relay TV and stereo sounds at a distance. You place the microphone and transmitter near the sound source and the receiver amplifier close to your hearing aid. An FM system is inexpensive and can be a great help in spaces shared with other people. You’ll be able to hear the stereo or TV from across the room without turning it up even with other conversations happening in the room.

There are constantly new hearing aid accessories being introduced. If you have questions about these or any others, just ask. Smart selection of accessories goes a long way toward maintaining and enjoying your aid.