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The Rising Popularity of Digital Hearing Aids

In recent years, the hearing aid industry has been flooded with tons of new products for those who are looking to purchase digital hearing aids. In fact, there are over 40 different makes and models of digital hearing devices that are available on the market, and there are over 20 different manufacturers who are making these devices.

The popularity of digital aids has increased dramatically in the last few years, and this popularity does not seem to be dropping any time soon. Although there are plenty of hearing device users and hearing professionals alike who attest to the fact that digital hearing aids are a far better option that analog devices, many avid analog hearing aid users question whether or not these new devices are actually superior to those of yesterday.

Does Digital Mean Better?

In today’s technologically advanced society, people typically consider digital products to be far superior to older products. However, there are many people out there who do not think that digital products are always better, and these people often think that digital hearing units are not always the best choice for everyone who suffers from hearing loss.

The History of Digital Hearing Aids

Two different manufacturers made the first digital hearing devices available in the mid-1980s. These devices were the first hearing aids that were able to meld digital signal processing. Although these hearing instruments offered cutting-edge hearing technology, they never gained in popularity. One issue that many people had with these units was their size; in order to accommodate the digital signal processing, they had to be rather large, and many people did not like the look of these devices. Since they were also very new and because they utilized such cutting-edge technology, they were also very expensive, and many people could not afford them.

About ten years later, two different manufacturers decided to give digital hearing aids another try. Technology had advanced by this time, so these manufacturers were able to create digital behind the ear and in the ear hearing devices. These were very popular styles, and the digital signal processing was streamlined due to new technology and was able to fit in these smaller and less conspicuous hearing aids. This time around, digital aids were much better received by the public, even though they were considerably more expensive than the older analog models.

Today’s Digital Hearing Aids

The digital hearing aids that were introduced in the late ‘90s opened up the door to all sorts of opportunities for hearing instrument users. Although digital devices were known as cutting-edge and top of the line when they were first introduced, they have been advanced even further over the years and now provide wearers with a far better experience than the hearing aids of yesterday.

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