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When you suffer from hearing loss, one of the most common ways to treat it effectively is to wear hearing aids. These small electronic devices have changed a lot in the years since they were first introduced; now providing clear sound to improve the lives of millions of people who wear them. There are a few things you should know about hearing instruments.

Fitting and Programming Hearing Aids: When you order a hearing aid, your provider will help fit and adjust it to specifically meet your hearing needs. Based on your test results, the provider will calibrate the aid to amplify sound at the specific frequencies you have trouble hearing. Your aid can also be programmed to work differently in different environments, such as filtering out background noises in loud settings.

Some providers have everything you need on site. With an audiologist provider there is normally an onsite lab to perform any repairs you might need on your device. These lab technicians are skilled and high trained to maneuver through the electronics of those tiny hearing instruments. See if your provider offers this wonderful resource. On site repairs are often quick and easy, sometimes having same day service. This is much better than being with your aids for the 2 to 3 weeks it takes to send a device to the manufacturer.

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