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The general population can head to the movies anytime they want without having to worry about their ability to interpret the films. However, this isn’t so easy for those with hearing losses.  Hearing impaired people can’t see movies in the theater because they aren’t equipped with closed captioning services so soon. That’s all about to change. A new technology in the form of closed captioning glasses is on the horizon. At this point, they’re only available at select movie theaters, giving people with hearing loss a way to enjoy the latest releases. We’ll explore why this change came about and why it’s so beneficial.

Where do I Find Them?

If you’re wondering where you can find these new glasses, you’re in luck. Regal Cinema theaters throughout the United States are rolling out the implementation of these glasses on a trial basis this summer. The testing phase may take some time, but it will take off at even more theaters depending on success. Depending on how well the glasses are received in the theaters, perhaps even more theatres will get in on the act.

A Bit About the Design

Access Glasses, the brain child of Randy Smith, chief administrative officer of Regal Cinemas, brought this technology to fruition as part of a joint partnership by Sony and Regal Cinemas. These closed-captioned glasses, with planned implementation at 6,000 screens by the end of this summer, have gone through rigorous testing programs to ensure the best success.

Comfort is Top-Notch

The close captioned glasses were designed with the optimum in comfort in mind. They feature a sleek design that looks just a little bit bigger than most models of regular glasses. They can fit right over your existing glasses, in fact. No matter how old you are, the shape of your face or your body size, you can used Access Glasses. They’re great for displaying captions in front of your face so you can read easily right along with the movie. The print is large enough to read so you can sit back and rest easy throughout the whole movie.

How they Operate

With several benefits for those with hearing loss, these special glasses are adjustable for the best brightness for your viewing pleasure. You can also easily adjust the glasses so you can see the film and captions in the best way possible from your vantage point. Early movie goers who used these glasses have said that the best vantage point is from the middle of the theatre.

When the movie has begun and you’ve positioned the glasses to your liking, signals will be sent to the sensors via a special data transmitter to either side of the glasses to interpret and display the captions. You’ll love the fact that the words seem to float about 10 feet in front of your eyes. This is perfect, making it so easy to read the captions and view the movie all at the same time.  For the perfect movie-going experience for the hearing impaired, this major development in technology is sure to make an impact.