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You never thought common summer sounds could hurt your hearing, but it’s true. From fireworks to concerts, hearing loss is a very real possibility. During the warm months when the kids are out of school, it’s fun to head to the beaches, parks and on vacation to get away from it all. Just be safe when it comes to exposing yourself and your kids to loud noises that can actually incur hearing loss. What do we mean? Check out some of the common summer outings that can be damaging to your hearing and how you can minimize that damage.


With hearing loss occurring at anything over 85 decibels, you can actually be doing a disservice to your ears when listening to fireworks, which can register 150 decibels and above. Fireworks are wonderful displays that are beloved by young and old, especially when it comes to celebrations like the 4th of July. Instead of sitting close to the staging area, sit further back away from the commotion to protect your ears and that of your kids.


Rock concerts are notorious for being loud. In fact, the speakers and sound systems your favorite musicians produce can reach 115 decibels of noise, easily leading to damage of a young adult’s hearing. Permanent hearing damage is a very real possibility when exposed over many hours to loud music, so again, don’t sit too close to the action to reduce your chances of damaging your hearing.

Machine Noises

When you mow the lawn or operate a chain saw, you’re exposing yourself to 100 decibels and higher of noise. This is even true when you can hear the constant drone of machine noises throughout your neighborhood all day long. As a result, you can suffer from long-term damage to your hearing.

Sports Events

Sporting events such as baseball games and soccer matches can be loud in their own right when it comes to the crowd rooting for their team. However, the loudest sporting event is indeed racing. Live sporting events such as these can be thrilling, but they are extremely loud with each rev of the engine. Race cars are notorious for creating up to 115 decibels, which can bring on total temporary hearing loss and even long-term hearing injuries.

What Can Help

We all love summer. Who wouldn’t? You can still enjoy everything about this warm season without compromising your fun times, but it’s important to be selective in what you participate in and how you go about it.

First, don’t spend all day long at a loud rock concert. If you do, sit well away from the sound system. If you have to mow the lawn, do so in short spurts so you’re not listening to the constant drone of machinery all day. Secondly, take precautions when you have no choice but to be around loud noises for a prolonged period of time. This means you should have ear plugs or noise-canceling head phones on hand, which you can easily pick up at the store for affordable money. Do all you can this summer to avoid hearing loss.