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Hearing aids can give you dramatic results in your ability to hear and understand, but they are only part of your hearing loss treatment. Follow these guidelines to maximize the benefits you receive from wearing hearing aids.

1. Wear your hearing aids! They will not work if they remain in the box they came in.

2. Don’t deny that you have a hearing loss. Notify the speaker of your hearing difficulties and suggest ways to improve your ability to understand.

3. Look at the speaker. Speech reading skills will develop more quickly if you focus on facing the speaker.

4. Make eye contact. Take note of facial expressions, hand gestures and body language to help with understanding.

5. Don’t be a pretender. Nothing draws more attention to the fact that you have a hearing loss than laughing in the wrong places or answering a question you didn’t understand.

6. Confirm understanding. If you think you have missed part of the conversation, ask for it to be repeated.

7. Be aware of your surroundings. If there are background noises, take steps to limit or remove them.

8. Be specific with your requests for help. If the speaker is talking too rapidly or too softly, request that he/she slow down or speak up. If the speaker turns away from you while speaking, request that he/she face you.

9. Be patient. If you are patient, the speaker will be more likely to be patient as well.

While hearing aids will not restore normal hearing, their use in conjunction with community strategies will enhance your hearing loss treatment. This in turn, will increase your satisfaction with the performance of your hearing instruments and improve your overall quality of life.

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