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Because all the Costcos and Walmarts of the world are now offering vast arrays of services typically reserved for professionals in office settings, more and more people are seeking sub-par services. This is especially true when it comes to ear care within big box stores. Bigger isn’t always better, though – even when it seems like a convenience to drop in for ear care after you’re done shopping for groceries. With so many big box stores treating patients for a variety of ear care problems, such as hearing aid fittings or evaluations, more people are neglecting the fact that they should see a professional audiologist instead. Don’t fall victim to this fast food approach; instead, reap the benefits of seeking out a trained audiologist.

Cost Effective Measures

You may be shelling out more bucks for ear care at big box stores – not necessarily for the device itself but for all the accoutrements and accessories the employees are trained to sell you. On the other hand, audiologists aren’t inherent sales people, so you know they’re truly dedicated to improving your hearing. This doesn’t mean you won’t pay out a higher cost initially when at the doctor’s. This is because you’re getting a superior product that’s high in quality. When you consider the fact that most health insurance plans cover a portion of all of these expenses, the cost is much lower than heading to a big box store.

Higher Quality Products

Don’t fall for the lower quality of big box store ear care products. Many people have purchased a hearing aid from such a store, only to get home and realize they were sold a product that is defective in terms of interference or low-quality acoustics. This doesn’t happen in all cases, to be sure, but it does happen. To ensure you get a top-quality product, see an educated audiologist who can make the necessary adjustments to increase the enjoyment of your hearing ability.


You can’t match the professionalism of a trained audiologist. You’re simply getting more access to an educated doctor’s perspective on ear care. These professionals, rather than workers at a big box store, are generally more qualified when it comes to the anatomy of the ear and methods of treating hearing damage. They are familiar with the inner ear and can get at the root cause of your hearing impairment quickly. Workers at big box stores may just fit you with a hearing aid and sell you products to get rid of you rather than determine the underlying problem. With an audiologist, you get a thorough diagnosis on your hearing loss, plus you can be referred to a specialist for further treatment.