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There are many different treatments that are available for people who have hearing impairment. Two of the most popular and successful means of treating people are hearing aids and cochlear implants. While hearing aids are the most commonly used treatments, cochlear implants are gaining significant ground when it comes to providing a helpful treatment due to their more complete means of positively affecting hearing. The benefits of using a cochlear implant will be thoroughly explored in this article, as will the way that these novel devices function.

What Is A Cochlear Implant Made Out Of?

A cochlear implant is a device that has several functioning pieces. What makes these tools so unique is that they have parts that function outside of the body as well as those that are actually implanted into the user’s body. The external pieces of the cochlear implant are the microphone, speech processing unit, and the transmitter. Beneath the surface of the skin is an electronic receiver as well as a special electrode cluster that works with the other pieces to simulate sound within the user.


The function of a cochlear implant is both interesting and rather complex. First, sound waves must be taken in from the environment around the user through the microphone. After this, the sound waves are transferred over to the speech processor, a device that is close to the microphone or sometimes located on other areas of the body. This piece turns the sound from sound wave stimuli into magnetic waves that travel through the device. These waves are sent to the transmission piece to the receiver that is waiting beneath the skin of the user.
After the receiver picks up this information and reinterprets it, the new information is sent to the electrode cluster that is implanted within the cochlear implant user. There, it can act on the auditory nerve and simulate sound for the user, effectively allowing them to hear the original stimuli.

Many Benefits

There are many reasons why cochlear implants are a better option for people who suffer from hearing loss. One of the first reasons is that they have better hearing outcomes than regular hearing aids. The specificity of the device and the complex parts ensure that there are many levels of filtration that leads to clear sound. While they are usually more expensive than other hearing solutions for people with hearing impairment, the level of quality sound that is produced by these devices usually convinces people that implantation is a viable option for them. With these implants, people are able to go about their daily lives with a high level of safety, security, and overall satisfaction.