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You probably don’t realize your hearing health is one of the most integral parts of your overall physical health, but it’s true. You may even be doing things that can be hurting your hearing, such as exposing yourself to very loud noises on a daily basis. You may not even realize what you’re doing. However, it’s becoming more well-known that daily activities can have a huge impact on your hearing, particularly with your diet. Doctors have found that what you eat can affect the way you protect your hearing over the years. Consuming certain healthy foods that protect you against hearing loss is one way you can help yourself. Check out these foods and the benefits they offer to your hearing health.

Go Bananas

Prepping your body’s defenses against hearing damage can be as easy as eating bananas on a regular basis. Thanks to the large amounts of magnesium present in this fruit, you can guard against the damaging effects of loud noises by incorporating bananas into your daily diet, whether you like to put them in a peanut butter sandwich or cover your cereal with slices. They have many healthful side effects, including the ability to improve your hearing.

Fresh Vegetables

We all know fresh veggies are crucial to your health, but did you know that they are also known for helping you to prevent hearing loss? This is true especially when it comes to broccoli. Broccoli is one veggie that is chock full of healthy vitamins and minerals that combat the damage caused to ear tissue by free radicals as you age. Improve your hearing health by eating plenty of vegetables, and experience other side effects like glowing skin and hair.

Salmon and Other Fish

Salmon and other similar fish, perfect methods of promoting your overall health, can also positively affect your hearing health, particularly as you get older. This is because fish is stocked with omega-3 fatty acids that are great for your heart health. These fatty acids get your blood pumping, particularly in the ears. Gain the benefits of improved blood flow to maintain or improve your hearing health.

Citrus Fruits

Sure, citrus fruits likes oranges and lemons are good for combating the common cold, but did you know that they’re good for your ear health too? Because they’re loaded with vitamins C and E, you get the benefits of preventing hearing loss as you age. You’ll experience a boost in your immune system because you’ll be better able to fight off ear and other types of infections. Left untreated, these infections can cause chronic damage and hearing impairment.

Sweet Snacks

Going through your senior years can have an unfortunate side effect in the form of hearing damage. This growing health threat doesn’t have to be your reality. You can combat this by taking a zinc supplement every day.  However, why not also treat yourself to some dark chocolate, which also has zinc and other antioxidants that help with other areas of your overall health? You can easily fit this tasty treat into your regular diet for the most healthful impact.