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“Which kind of battery should I buy for my hearing aid?” is a tough question give a single answer to, because there are many different models of hearing aids, and each requires a battery that fits it and offers adequate energy to power it. For anybody that currently wears a hearing aid the user manual should state clearly which battery is required. Conversely you may contact the provider that fit you with the aid to ask. If you’re still shopping for a hearing aid and trying to decide which model is right for you, you might wish to do some research to help you in your decision. The reason behind this is that hearing aid batteries differ in price and in battery life, and so an estimate of how many of them you’ll need over time may influence your choice of which hearing aid to get.

The manufacturers of hearing aids and hearing aid batteries have made things simpler for you by implementing a standardized color coding system, to make finding the right size easier. The types are all standard across manufacturers, so the color on the package is a dependable indicator of the battery size and type.

The main battery sizes and types to be aware of are:

Yellow (#10) – Yellow always means Size 10 hearing aid batteries. These are the smallest and most abundant size of hearing aid battery with a typical battery life of 80 hours. This size of battery is standard in Completely-In-Canal (CIC) and In-The-Canal (ITC) hearing aids.

Orange (#13) – Orange always means Size 13 hearing aid batteries. These batteries are intermediate in size and hold a charge for approximately 240 hours. Size 13 batteries are commonly found in In-the-Ear (ITE) and Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids.

Blue (#675) – The blue color code always corresponds to Size 675 batteries, which are generally used in cochlear implants or larger Behind-The-Ear (BTE) type hearing aids; these batteries have a normal battery life of 300 hours.

Brown (#312) – Size 312 batteries always carry a brown color code, and are typically used in In-The-Canal (ITC) and In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids; they have the average battery life of 175 hours.

These are the most widespread sizes of hearing aid batteries, however there are hearing aids that call for different ones. Most in-store providers of hearing aid batteries stock and advertise the more common battery sizes above, but if you inquire about a specific type, they can usually obtain it for you.

Definitely read your owner’s manual carefully before buying large quantities of hearing aid batteries. If your unit runs on rechargeable batteries, you will only need disposable ones for emergencies. Additionally, remember to always store your hearing aid batteries in their unopened packages and at room temperature to make sure that they retain their charge.