AGXs liv AI - Artificial Intelligence hearing aids


  • Clearer hearing — no matter the environment

  • Support for active, healthy living

  • Confident & empowered communication

  • Peace of mind while on the go

  • Convenient help without missing a beat

  • Hearing that happens intuitively

  • Long-lasting power for full-day hearing

  • Better wireless streaming straight to your ears

  • Music the way it was meant to be heard

  • Customizable tinnitus relief

About this type:

Did you know that hearing health and overall wellness go hand in hand? It’s one of the reasons we’re excited to tell you about AGXS liv AI, a HealthableTM hearing aid that not only offers exceptional sound but tracks brain and body health to support your wellness goals. With AGXS liv AI’s integrated sensors and artificial intelligence in your ears, the future is here!

Superior sound even in the most challenging spaces, with feedback control, speech optimization, comfort in loud settings, quiet in quiet settings, wind-noise reduction, and more.

Cutting-edge ability to track physical activity, active listening, and more to provide body, brain, and overall wellness scores for informed decision-making about your health and wellness.

Built-in translation capabilities that let you easily converse with people of other languages, breaking down barriers.

Automatic detection and ability to alert your preselected contacts — including loved ones — in the event of a fall.

Remote communication for professional fine-tuning of your device without an in-person appointment — potentially saving you a trip.

Geotagged memories that automatically switch modes when the GPS feature in your smartphone detects you’re in a tagged location — for example, a “home” memory activates when you arrive at home.

An estimated 24 hours of superior hearing on a single charge.**

New technology for consistent wireless performance through your smartphone or wireless accessories while streaming cellphone audio, TV, music, or other media.

A whole new way to experience music — adjustable via the Thrive™ Hearing Control app — to let you hear every note the way artists intended, with pure, refined sound quality.

Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, adjustable via the Thrive app, to bring relief if you have ringing in your ears.

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*Some features require Thrive™ Hearing Control app.
**Available only in RIC rechargeable style. Results vary per wireless and feature use.


There’s an App for This!

AGXS liv AI works in tandem with the exclusive Thrive app, which not only helps power some of the device’s exciting features but also allows you to:

  • Easily adjust your hearing aids anytime, anywhere for your specific needs in diverse listening environments
  • Get your questions answered — for example, “How do I adjust the volume?” — with instant help from the voice-controlled assistant

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