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Invisible hearing aids are the newest style of hearing device to be introduced to the consumer. Originally designed to appeal to those with cosmetic concerns, these tiny hearing aids are completely invisible because they are inserted more deeply into the ear canal and worn very close to the eardrum.

In addition to being 100% undetectable by others, their location within the ear offers other advantages as well. Because invisible hearing aids fit so close to the ear drum, less power is required to produce excellent sound quality. That means the hearing aid can produce a more natural and clear sound because it isn’t strained to produce loud sound from tiny microphones.

Additionally, invisible styles of hearing aids are available as extended-wear styles and daily-wear styles. Extended-wear styles are usually worn for 60-90 days before being replaced. That means the wearer can exercise, shower and sleep in them. Daily-wear styles are like traditional hearing aids in that they are removed to insert new batteries, for cleaning and while sleeping and showering.

However, not all patients are good candidates for invisible aids. Those with severe or profound hearing loss will find they need a more powerful hearing aid and the invisible aid will not fit in those who have very small ear canals. Only a hearing professional, following a complete hearing evaluation and visible inspection of your ear canal, can determine whether or not invisible hearing aids are right for you.

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