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You may be one of the lucky people who wake up each day ready to tackle a new day on the job. From making equipment that enables more seamless manufacturing processes to tilling the land for fruits and vegetables, your job may be extremely fulfilling. At the very least, you can probably take away something positive from your job. Just make sure it’s not hearing loss! Several work environments can be threatening to the health of your hearing thanks to the extremely loud noises inherent in day to day operation. Hearing damage, a common work injury in certain industries, can be exposed to people who work in the following places. Do what you can to avoid permanent hearing loss through the use of protective ear gear.

General Construction

Contractors work in environments that feature chaos and loud noises daily, from sawing and hammering to the operation of dump trucks and diggers. This can really affect the hearing when exposed day after day, particularly with no ear protection. Putting yourself at risk for high levels of acute noise trauma is inherent in your job as a construction worker. As a result, you should always wear ear plugs or noise dampening headphones while operating the machinery.

Airport Ground Workers

Those who work as part of an airport ground crew must wear noise-cancelling head phones for the ultimate in ear protection. That’s because of the high levels of decibels involved – more than double the minimum limit of 85 for hearing loss. These workers are constantly inundated with the deafening roar of jumbo jets taking off from the runway and landing. This risk is increased when these workers are employed at commercial and military plane airports.


Miners, known for their valuable service of exposing raw materials used in other jobs and even fuel, certainly pay the price for their diligence in less than optimal working conditions in the form of hearing damage. When a person works within confined spaces and is exposed to loud machinery and heavy equipment repeatedly, hearing health can suffer.

Night Club Employees

Many young people enjoy hitting the clubs on a Friday night, but those who work there, such as DJs, servers, bartenders and bouncers, are repeatedly exposed night after night to very loud noises. These noises include crowds screaming and the thumping bass of the music. The result is often hearing loss of varying degrees.


Agriculture is one industry we simply can’t live without. Thanks to the farmers who work the land and cultivate crops, we have food to eat each day. The farmers, though, often experience hearing loss due to the loud sounds of the plows, tractors and other machines that typically exceed the 85 decibels that trigger hearing loss. Sure, farmers may derive great satisfaction out of growing their own crops, but hearing loss is an unfortunate side effect of life on the farm.

Military Personnel

Loud noises are a big part of any military base, aircraft carrier or war zone. Guns, machinery, artillery and explosives, along with construction, contribute to the high noise level of the armed forces. Hearing loss is prevalent in the military due to weapons training, practice drills and the rumbling of tanks. As a result, veterans are notorious not only for their service to our country but for contracting hearing loss as well.