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High tech has reached the hearing aid manufacturers of the world. While this isn’t new, the ways that the technology is being adapted to help those with hearing losses is. Phonak BTE units especially have some interesting ways in which they have incorporated this technology.

The Phonak CROS model, for instance, was developed to help those with monaural hearing loss, or one-sided hearing loss. Strange as it sounds, the CROS BTE helps patients process what they cannot hear in the one ear by linking it to a receiver in the one good ear they do have. Anyone standing next to your deaf ear can now be heard as clearly as if they are standing on your good ear side. While Phonak recommends quite a bit of rehabilitation to make this work correctly, most patients of this type report a great deal of satisfaction with how this technology works. If they have a slight to moderate hearing loss in the better ear, Phonak can also connect wirelessly the CROS BTE with a number of their other anchor models like the Ambra such that both ears become effective at “hearing” the world around them.

One of Phonak’s other and more economical choices for a BTE is the Cassia model. It comes in five different varieties and five colors for those that like a little fashion flair with their hearing aids. It can accommodate those that live in the pool to those that like the wireless Bluetooth connection capabilities of Cassia. While the CROS model is comparable to a Cadillac in cars, the Cassia is more like a Toyota Camry, if you can picture that. There are options available for a different range of prices but still affordable for most budgets.

Phonak has many other, too numerous to mention, BTE units.

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