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It almost sounds counter intuitive that sometimes hearing aid repairs are needed. After all, they don’t move around much, so wear and tear should be slight. But you’d be surprised how many things can go wrong.

For starters, whenever any kind of technology is used, human error comes into play at some point. People will always cause something to break. It’s a pretty big error when someone drops a tiny completely in canal unit onto a street and it disappears or is crushed. The electronics themselves are not perfect and can have faulty hardware as well.

The environment has an impact. Keep in mind that your unit isn’t waterproof and if you live in a warmer, humid climate, moisture from the air and your body wrecks havoc on its sensitive circuitry. Then there’s the problem of your ear itself, well known for it’s wax oozing abilities.

Suffice to say, hearing aids are not wax or dirt proof either. Over time, these elements seep their way into it’s cracks and cause it to stop working. Use a storage conditioners to restore the “well being” of your device. These are clam shell boxes to place the earpiece in at night. They dry and clean it while you sleep.

When you do get to the point you need an actual hearing aid repairs, your first stop should be to check your manufactures warranty and determine whether your particular situation is covered. That tends to be the most advantageous route to getting a replacement.

The next best option is to consult an audiologist or the specialist that provided you with your earpiece. Even if she cannot fix it, she’ll be able to point you in the direction of some qualified folks that can. Avoid fly-by-night services found online. A quick search will reveal many but not all are reputable.

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