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There aren’t as many limits placed on vacationing for those with hearing loss these days. It used to be so hard to think of places to go that are deaf friendly. Today, it’s just not so. In fact, it’s easier than ever to take off on an enjoyable vacation and know your disability will be accommodated. This is due to the increasing prevalence of travel guides around the world who are certified in sign language. Browse these top five vacation destinations ideal for those with hearing damage.

1. France

You have many tours to choose from that head right through France’s core. These include weeklong tours put on by individuals from the hearing-impaired community, ensuring you feel as comfortable as possible. France is pretty progressive when it comes to accommodating people with disabilities just like yours, so take advantage of the hospitality and make this beautiful country your next vacation spot. You’ll be directed to deaf-friendly hotels and enjoy travel resources for hearing impaired visitors.

2. New York City, New York

The Big Apple is a highly visited spot for hearing impaired people for a reason. Sure, the sights are majestic. But the travel guides who are dedicated to showing the must-see spots in this big city ensure you can comfortably navigate the streets, learn about landmarks and take in a show. In fact, head to Broadway for its unique deaf theatre and take in a performance.

3. Disney World, Florida

Travel guides abound here that can guide you through the parks easily thanks to their talents in a variety of languages, including sign language. You can comfortably take in the rich visual imagery on display here at Disney, even though you might have a hearing problem. You can enjoy the awesome rides and take in all the culture and entertainment knowing your guides have your best interests at heart.

4. Deaf-Friendly Cruises Around the World

Whether you’ve always wanted to see the Caribbean or Alaska, a cruise is the way to do it. You can even visit many places on one vacation as the cruise ship moves through an area. This is a superior option for people with hearing problems because several cruise lines cater to these types of disabilities. Cruise staff members cruises work hard to ensure your safety, entertainment and navigation while on board, resulting in a stress-free vacation. Meet other people, expand your group of contacts and make memories on a cruise.

5. Italy

The amazing historic structures, awe-inspiring landmarks, out-of-this-world culinary delights and quaint country side make Italy one of the top recommended spots for anyone, and even more so, those with hearing deficiencies. Thanks to the availability of hearing impaired assisted tours, you get the complete experience of each city and attraction you visit because your travel guides are skilled in sign language and other communication measures.