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You should expect your hearing aids to function properly from the first day you are fit with them and for several years following that. If they do not work, repair may be needed and should be conducted in a timely fashion. Repairs are covered under warranty for at least one year after purchase; some companies provide extended warranties of 24-36 months. Most hearing professionals take care of the necessary paperwork for you.

Secondly, they should be physically comfortable to wear; if any discomfort is experienced, you should contact your hearing specialist to modify the shape of the ear mold or hearing device, change the dome size, or to make a new impression of your ear. Also, your amplification should not be uncomfortable to wear in loud, noisy conditions. If you experience extreme discomfort in noisy environments or with certain everyday sounds, the output of the devices can be lowered.

You should not experience feedback or “squealing” unless your hand or an object is very close to the microphone. If you have any feedback while chewing, turning your head, or just sitting quietly, measurements and fine-tuning should be performed to eliminate this unwanted noise. Lastly, remember that hearing aids will help you communicate more effortlessly but will never restore normal hearing due to nerve damage which occurs with hearing loss.

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